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From Design Graphics to Tracking With Barcodes and Analyzing Results, Advanced Forms’ Full Service Direct Mail Marketing Solutions Help Your Business Grow

Direct Marketing is an effective marketing and advertising tool that, if accomplished correctly, can bring you up to a 700 % ROI for every direct mail dollar you spend. You can concentrate on the business of your business, saving yourself time and money, by trusting the direct mail advertising and direct mail marketing specialists at Advanced Forms to facilitate complete end to end direct mail services for you.

Our graphic artists begin by creating the design graphics you want printed on your chosen type of media and custom labels. Using either your list of targeted prospects and existing customers or one of our specialized business lists of prospective customers, we will generate and print mailing labels including a scan barcode addition created by our barcode generator for tracking your items. After folding and sealing the direct mailers and other direct mail pieces, they are addressed with shipping labels and stamped, the scan barcode phase completed,and mailed via the appropriate method for your direct mail advertising or promotional items. Completed delivery and favorable response tracking is easier by using the barcodes scanned at the time of mailing. Partner with Advanced Forms today and let us help you construct the correct formula for a successful direct mail marketing strategy that boosts your bottom line!

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You’ll Evoke the Positive Responses That Equate to Sales With the Proper Formats and Powerful Custom Design Graphics Created by Advanced Forms, the Best Printer For Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Success with your direct mail marketing campaign begins by incorporating the correct elements that equate to a favorable ROI. The test of an effective direct marketing strategy is one that produces increased sales for your products and services from your targeted audience of existing and potential customers.

Advanced Forms is an expert in the direct mail business. Other direct mailing services cut corners by manipulating your company’s information into the direct mail advertising standard format they use for hundreds of their other clients. We create custom direct mail pieces that promote the distinguishing features that set your business apart from your competition.

  • Colorful, custom design graphics that draw attention and produce sales
    • Does it capture the attention of your target audience or is it perceived as junk mail?
    • Does it stand out from your competition?
    • Does it exude your company’s professionalism or is it unprofessionally ugly?
    • Does it have your correct contact information and motivate an immediate response?
  • The proper direct mail postcards, brochures or other more appropriate printed direct marketing medium known for having a proven success record for your business type and location
    • Does it contain just the right amount of information with being verbose and boring?
    • Is there a reasonable amount of information on the direct mailing pieces for evoking the decision to call for more?
    • Is it a cost effective direct mail format for your marketing and advertising budget?
The design graphic experts at Advanced Forms know that choosing the right format and design graphic for your direct mail pieces makes the difference between a File 13 response and one that is added to the sales column on your Profit and Loss Statement.

Targeted Direct Mailing Lists With Correctly Addressed Custom Printed Labels Generate the Highest Response for Your Direct Mail Marketing Dollar

No one likes wasting direct marketing and advertising budgets on targeted direct mail that is either returned with no forwarding address or undeliverable due to faulty label printing. When you rely on Advanced Forms for accurate mail marketing target list data, label printing accuracy and use of our scan barcode function, we will provide a custom mailing labels from our specialized direct mailing lists derived from the most reliable sources available. Every detail in your direct mailer campaign makes the difference between walsted dollars and sales income.

Your direct mail pieces will strike a chord with the correctly identified targeted prospects and existing customers, equating to increased sales. When Advanced Forms provides you with tailored custom mailing lists fitting the geographical and demographical characteristics of your ideal prospective clients for your specific business, the percentage of favorable responses and profitable action increases. Our variety of our accurate, up-to-date mailing lists include:

  • Consumer Direct Mailing Lists
    • Characterized by standard demographic information
    • Premium selections include more specific information such as pet ownership, credit card indicator, et.
  • New Homeowner Mail Marketing Lists
    • Geographic data, sales date
    • Demographic information
    • Sale price and property type
    • Mortgage information
  • Direct Mailers Specialty Lists of Every Type
    • Financial data including credit scores
    • Medical information
    • Political affiliations
  • Basic Direct Marketing Business Lists
  • Premium Business Mailing Lists for Direct Mailing Services
Don’t forget about our label maker custom labels and folding services for professionally designed label printing services that reflect the most up-to-date accuracy in addresses. We have a wide variety of choices in custom mailing labels, including:
  • Shipping labels
  • Personalized labels
  • Printable labels for use in your business
  • Product labels
  • Sticky labels
  • Roll labels
  • Blank inkjet decals and full color labels
  • Sheetfed laser labels
When you want a high readership and response rates for the greatest return on your direct mail marketing investment, rely on Advanced Forms, the best printer to help you with accurate direct mailing target lists and custom mailing labels for reaching the audience that will increase your sales figures.

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Imprinting Barcoding Information on Your Direct Mail Marketing Materials Enables Tracking of Your Direct Mail Pieces for Follow Up Action and Return Mail Service

Advanced Forms has label maker services that produce single barcodes for achieving many purposes. When you want to track both inbound and outbound direct mail letters, request return-mail services and and confirm delivery of your direct mail pieces, our barcode generator is up to the task. By including barcodes on shipping labels, direct mail postcards, and all your direct mail marketing personalized labels you know whether your targeted audience received the mail marketing pieces, allowing you to then coordinate telemarketing strategies as part of your overall direct mail campaign.

When you call our direct mail marketing experts, ask about our folding service, and the many design graphics and direct mailer printing services that we provide for insuring successful direct marketing strategies.

Partnering with the experience of Advanced Forms for all your direct marketing solutions saves you the costly mistakes made by other direct mail printing services

Contact Advanced Forms at 239.549.7578, the seasoned direct mail marketing professionals. You’ll benefit from their start to finish direct mail services. Avoid costly mistakes like using outdated target client addresses, ignoring postal regulations, and failing to follow through with delivery and response tracking. When you want results that translate into dollars, Advanced Forms is the best printer for obtaining the highest return on your direct mail advertising investment.